Creative in ownership and in thinking, greenlight, a Dallas-based advertising agency, are experts in brand development — and everything that goes with it. From creative strategy and marketing campaign execution, to digital and event ideation and activation, this nimble-by-design creative team thinks like explorers, always putting brand experience first and uncovering those memorable, effective moments that bring brands to life for consumers.

With that same thinking in mind, greenlight identified a white space in the Dallas market. A distraction-less, big idea-inducing meeting space was missing. And it was obvious. So, they created HOWDO to fill the void.

Whether it’s a corporate offsite, a creative workshop, a special event or gathering, HOWDO was designed by greenlight for flexibility. Want to move the furniture around? Go for it! Every bit of the space was thoughtfully designed to encourage impromptu moments, which are scientifically proven to lead to more innovative thinking. So, the interactive surfaces, pool table and presentation-style chef’s kitchen are yours to explore. Get out of your comfort zone. Change the way you HOW, then change the way you DO. It’ll come naturally.