3 Things You Need For Better Meetings

1 Field Notes notebook1 pen, 1 HOWDOODLE, 1 brain with the intent to think big (that’s on you). That’s what we call a creative kit. Every meeting you book at HOWDO comes with one full kit for every guest because we’re serious about better meetings. And we want you to have better meetings.

Let’s break this creative kit down. Each piece plays a different part in getting you to think a little bit differently, which often leads to unexpected ideas and always more productivity.


Field Notes

Field Notes is a beloved brand in the HOWDO space. These little notebooks are not only the perfect size, but their simple design makes them the perfect blank slate for your meeting notes. Clear notebook, clear head, full ideas – that’s how the saying goes, right?



Anyway, we wrap these notebooks with a band the kind of lays it out for you >> A pen + your brain = HOWDO, AKA big ideas.



Open that band up and there’s a prompt to get you thinkin’ even more.



A Pen

This one’s easy. We give you the pen because, well, sometimes you might forget one. But also because we want you to use that Field Notes notebook, really use it. And we’re giving you those tools.


Okay, so this is really a coaster. But it’s more than that. We call it a HOWDOODLE because you’re supposed to mess it up, color it in, doodle on it. Really. Science says so.

Researchers have found that people who doodle during lectures or public speaking are able to recall more information than those who take traditional notes. In fact, those who don’t doodle could be more likely to daydream than those who take to the margins of our notepads with illustrations.


But the goal isn’t to make something pretty necessarily, so don’t worry if you’re “just not an artist.” The goal is to keep your brain focused through multiple mental channels. Bottom line: no matter what you doodle, you are boosting your memory.

There you have it. A simple, three-piece creative kit that could seem like an afterthought to some, but in HOWDO, we know you’re already on the right track to something bigger. We give you those tools, now you just have to use ‘em.

Oh, and there’s also coffee for you, which always helps.

erik herskind