Enter with Intention

The one rule of HOWDO

There are no rules when it comes to creativity. Except for one, which we strictly enforce inside of HOWDO and greatly encourage outside of our walls: Enter with intention. Within HOWDO, and after you leave, we want you to be as productive as possible. That’s what we’re here for: reinventing your meeting experience. But we do realize – it’s not that easy. Distractions are constantly knocking on your brain’s door. We’re here to help find your intention and step into HOWDO ready to do something big.

Setting the intention of HOWDO is perhaps the most important part of your experience. Why?

Allow me to explain. Intentions and actions, two things that seem to go hand in hand, are very frequently done separately. There are those who have lists of things they intend to do, but never get around to. Then there are people who take action with no purpose whatsoever. Neither of these, on its own, will lead you to success.

What is your intention? Write it down for us.

When you schedule time at HOWDO, your purpose may not always be to brainstorm with a corporate team. Maybe it’s to celebrate a new art collection, to view a new documentary, to network with Dallas’ creative community or to ideate with your team, but determining that specific purpose for your group is one thing required before hitting go on your time here.

We’ll ask you and can talk you through it, but you have to write it down. Just a couple sentences on paper or your Macbook to help you realize your purpose, and share it.

One of the best ways to think about this: Start with the end-goal. Determine how you want guests to exit HOWDO, and then work backward. What are the takeaways? How do you want people to leave feeling?

If you’re feeling ambitious with your team, write it on the whiteboard in the conference room or project it on to the wall. You have options keep your purpose top of mind.

Say goodbye to outside distractions

This could be tough, unless you’ve got a seriously dedicated team (teach us your ways!). The hardest part of accomplishing any task is eliminating outside distractions. In HOWDO, we want everyone to be present.

This is why we’ve taken every aspect of an environment that could become a distraction and have turned them into ways to drive your intention, all the way down to drink coasters and magnets. Feel free to take notes on things to add to your own personal space, because you will find that in HOWDO’s space there is even an intention behind every piece of furniture.

Cross the line: The orange line

There you have it. Take a deep breath. Even just a quick one and hit go on your next big goal. Once you cross the HOWDO threshold starting line at the front door, you will know you’re ready to do. Sure, your mind may wander, but you’ll snap back into your meeting and re-focus. It’s all totally okay. Just make sure you’re always thinking back to that phrase you’ve got on the whiteboard. And remember, whether at HOWDO or with anything else, always enter with intention.

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