Doing It With A VP of Marketing

An executive and a creative thinker, Barb Mitchell gets it

Dallas startup YellowFolder had an idea, but it wasn’t a full idea yet. A new website, which they knew needed some big, creative brainpower to bring to life, just couldn’t be dreamed up in a small, fluorescent-light lit room. So, YellowFolder VP of Marketing Barb Mitchell, a creative thinker mind you, set out to find a space that encouraged and nurtured new thinking. In came HOWDO. A space that Barb described as refreshing and comfortable, it was the new environment the team needed to look at this website thing with an open mind and get outside of the box, literally and figuratively.

We caught up with Barb after their half-day meeting in HOWDO for a little Q&A session. Her approach to staying creative really inspired us. From surrounding herself with people – and animals – that inspire her to finding hobbies outside of the office to stay balanced, Barb uses her own unique tactics to solve real problems. Read on.


Fast Facts: Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska
Years in Dallas: 30
Current Dallas neighborhood: North Dallas/Preston Hollow

How do you start your day or what’s one thing you have to do every morning?

Personally I usually start my day with a cup of coffee and a short walk with my sweet, 13-year-old “puppy.” Once in the office, I usually start the day by reviewing the overnight reports from Marketo and Salesforce to know where we stand for the day/week/month.

When you’re in a work rut, what do you do to get out of it?

Change the environment or look at it from a different perspective. HOWDO helps!

What’s the one thing every meeting needs to be successful?

A clear objective

How do you stay inspired?

It helps to work with inspirational people every day. I’ve worked with a brilliant entrepreneur for the last 17 years and this is our third concept. We have very different ways of attacking problems, and I’m often inspired by him and how he solves problems in unique ways.

What’s your favorite part of the HOWDO space? Why?

My favorite part of the HOWDO space is that there are a fun variety of spaces. From the huge meeting room, perfect for a group to review and brainstorm ideas (complete with ALL the necessities), to the smaller couch area and, of course, the ‘ever-popular’ kitchen island that just naturally attracts people to come relax and have a great conversation.

For more on YellowFolder, a startup that provides the only paperless document management service specifically designed for schools, click here.

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