How to HOWDO: Inspired, intentional lounging

HOWDO isn’t only for getting down to business. 

The conference room lends itself to business talk, of course, but when you slide open those doors and step back into the light of open space, you can wander to refocus and find yourself in a completely new space. In addition to the conference room, HOWDO offers two breakout areas, dedicated spots where you can continue the creative thinking or just take a breather. HOWDO is, after all, your space to grow.

Breakaway to recharge

The first breakout area, visible from outside the building, lets in an abundance of natural light. That Vitamin D can do the body good, especially on a day filled with flexing brain muscles to the fullest in HOWDO. Kick back, soak in the morning or afternoon you just had, and recharge before heading back in.

PS: There’s a Polaroid camera on this side for you, so snap away.


Breakaway to relax

Mosey around the corner and find yourself in the HOWDO den, with a plush couch, bucket chairs you sink into, and a TV big enough to feature your upcoming project or just flip to that YouTube video that came up during your brainstorming session.

Pass by, think about it, maybe do a double take, and then grab a pool stick to start a game. The custom pool table is yours to use, and like doodling in HOWDO, we encourage a little fun. Nothing like a break from the agenda to get your mind back in order.

erik herskind