Say Hi to Memphis Street

One of the best things about where HOWDO is located is

just that – Location. HOWDO is situated in an unassumingly creative area, the up-and-coming Trinity River Industrial District. Half a mile off of 35 and Inwood Road, it’s easy to get to. It’s basically the Design District’s backyard, but a little grittier and a little scrappier, which is what makes it perfect for HOWDO.

We might be new to Memphis Street, but our neighbors have made it their home, growing family-owned businesses and passion projects for years within each of these warehouses. From a tattoo artist and stunt driver to event planners, jewelry stores, and upholstery and auto repair, this district isn’t one to be overlooked. Here’s to the Memphis Street natives.



Stunt driver
Jeff Milburn


Anderson Studio
Photographer Randy Anderson


Joe Fly Co.
Air Filtration and Environmental Specialists


Tattoo artist
Oliver Peck (of Elm Street Tattoo)


Linare’s Auto Repair

Cuellar Upholstery

Dallas Ad Agency

erik herskind