Doing It For The Best Experience

Since the beginning, The Doers (a HOWDO-created and hosted event series) has always been about bringing people together in a new way. The first event in April featured local artist team WHERON, who took over HOWDO and painted an original mural on one of the walls. And the last event of 2016, The Doers Campfire, brought in over 100 new faces, 8 new brands, 1 canoe and a lot of beers, BBQ and good conversation – But that didn’t happen without some evolution. All good ideas have to evolve.

From live mural painting to Baylor Barbee, a local motivational speaker talking all things goal setting and a donation drive for the incredible and ever-growing The Birthday Party Project, we spanned a lot of topics in just about five months. And as the hosts of each one, we learned something different, things to do and not do, how we can make The Doers the best it can be.

So when October came around, we decided to do things a little bit differently. In a good way.

All good ideas have to evolve.

As with any creative project, it evolves. So with The Doers Campfire, which lit up HOWDO on October 19, we kicked off a new version of The Doers. The entire event was built around an experience to remember.

Driven by creativity, big thinking, good food, even better drinks and just plain cool brands, The Doers should create buzz AND memories. We wanted our guests to feel inspired, ready to connect, ready to think differently and to share their experiences long after we are done.

So, take a peek into The Doers Campfire if you missed, and keep an eye on the calendar for 2018, when The Doers return.

And a big thank to you our featured doers…
18th & Vine
3 Nations Brewing Co. 
Deep Ellum Denim
Blade Craft Barber Academy
Printed Threads
Fruition HospitalityPhoto Wagon
Ryan Berg

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