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$950 – Full Day (8a-6p)
$800 – Half Day (8a-12p or 1p-5p)

Coffee & Water
We provide a range of complimentary K-Cups (coffee & tea) for use in the Keurig as well as carafes of filtered water

All Technology Capabilities
On-site tech capabilities include WiFi, Spectrum cable, Apple TV, Click Share as well as access to Spotify and Pandora playlists on SONOS.

Creative Kit
We have created a kit of tools to help spark your creativity, capture your HOWDO moments, organize your brainstorm and scribble down everything your heart desires.  
Have a tip-top meeting or event with our HOWDOODLES, brainstorm sticky notes, Polaroid camera and our custom, handy dandy Field Notes.

Please leave HOWDO how you found it.  Any food or drink brought in must be thrown out or taken with you and we ask that you place all dishes and utensils in the dishwashers before you leave.
There are paper towels, dish soap, dishwasher detergent and garbage bags that are all available for your use, if needed.  We will handle the heavy lifting from there.

Stocked Fridge
In addition to coffee and water we have Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero and La Croix available for you to enjoy.

Brain Food
Studies show that what you eat directly affects how you think, and ultimately, your mood.  We ensure that you will have a range of smart snacks including but not limited to
granola bars, pretzels, trail mix, nuts, and if you’re lucky, something sweet. 

Pet Policy (dogs only)
Bring your dog to your meeting — $250 per dog service fee. 

48 hour cancellation policy

how late

Hours before 8a and after 6p: +$100/hour

Weekends: call for pricing 469-428-7884


Need help crafting the perfect event?
We have a network of meeting planners that can help elevate your event from good to great.

Services Include:

Event consultation meeting

Unlimited correspondence

Access to preferred list of caterers and chefs

Food and beverage coordination

Set-up and pick-up coordination

Available during entire meeting